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Hydrangea as cut flower


As a cut flower ,the Hydrangea ( Hortensia)is increasingly adopted in floristry.

Especially the Hydrangea macrophylla with spherical flowers and Hydrangea paniculata are increasingly used in bouquets and provided with proper care and cutting they can easily last for 3 to 4 weeks .

Cut Hydrangeas hold the color of the moment they are cut .

You can choose still young , fresh , not deeply colored flowers or profoundly colored flowers, that are already almost in fall color , the farther the Hydrangea is dyed , the longer he remains sustainable.

Which Hydrangeas are suitable as cut flowers ?

In the commercial cultivation of cut flowers mainly used spherical macrophylla types are the following cultivars : Hydrangea macrophylla ' Ankong ' Ayesha , Bela , Blauer Zwerg , Lake Constance , Germany, Glowing Embers ( Alpengluhn ) , Hamburg , Harlequin , Marie Claire , Masha, Mme E. Mouillre , Magical Coral , Merveille Sanguine , Nymphenburg , Renate Steiniger , Schneeball , Schöne Bautznerin ( Red Baron ) , Xian ...

Also used are Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' , Hydrangea paniculata ' Kyushu ' , Hydrangea paniculata ' Limelight' and 'Pink Diamond'

But of course you are free to experiment with other macrophylla and panicle hydrangeas , don't forget the oakleaf hydrangea whoms mainly red colored autumn leaves are very attractive in a bouquet .


Cut the flower diagonally with a sharp knife and remove the leaves. You cut the flowers preferably sloped at an angle of 45 ° with a clean, sharp knife (no trimmer because then you squeeze the capillaries close prohit the flower absorb enough water ) , remove the leaves down so that no leaf is actually in the water, as this speeds up the rotting process ( dirty water ) , place the flowers immediately after cutting in not too cold, lukewarm water . Provide a clean glass vase . Hydrangeas do not do well in a metal vase or bucket , fill the vase 2/3 with clean , lukewarm water and add flower food to the water . Arrange the flowers and place the vase in a suitable place

Like many other cut flowers Hydrangea cut flowers do not hold a place in direct sunlight , near a heater or on a windy place , because they then evaporate more moisture than they can absorb and wil hang limp as a result .

A place near a colorful fruit basket can look interesting , but the fruit emits ethylene gas that creates a premature aging of the flowers.

What if the flowers wilt ?

Take them out of the water and cut about 5 cm of the stems diagonally , mist with water spray and just put them several hours in a cool place until they are fully recovered .



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